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By –
Georges Berbari

The Energy

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Are our municipal and government-level initiatives only limited to financial planning and development projects, or should they have an energy budget?

George J. Berbari, one of the world’s foremost experts on energy, thinks budgeting is critical if we want to reduce global warming and save money.

In The Energy Budget, he argues against the current model in which multiple utility companies charge end users without any concern for sustainability. He asks questions such as:

• Are regulations to keep utilities in check adequate?

• Should we be allowed to consume as much energy as we want to, as long as we are paying for it?

• What changes can we make to energy consumption that won’t limit our freedom?

Berbari offers a self-financing solution to solve the global warming problem—one predicated on every town, city, and country creating an energy budget.

Find out how to do it, step by step, with this resource for elected officials, utility companies, engineers, and concerned citizens.


Publication Date : 14/12/2016

Language :  English

ISBN : 9781483461021 

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Copyright :All Rights Reserved – Standard Copyright License

Contributors : By (author): Georges Berbari



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